Tempest Becomes a Part of IFGICT

Tempest House joins IFGICT

Tempest House is pleased to announce a much awaited partnership with IFGICT - International Federation of Global and Green Information Technology which is a non profit headquartered in Las Vegas with a European entity in Geneva as well.

IFGICT is a highly reputed organisation that's managed and steered by qualified experts from the ICT industry worldwide. Technical committee members and reviewers are in charge of Green IT Professional certification and International relations committee members are in charge of international partnerships with agencies, organisations and companies.

This new partnership with strengthen Tempest House's global reputation and improve the company's credibility when bidding on large tenders and projects from the Government, Non Profit sector and organisations like the United Nations and WHO.

IFGICT is an international supplier of high quality certification and examination services in a variety of global standards and best practice frameworks in the business technology and Information Technology domains. Tempest House will leverage these best practices to improve the quality of the their talent development programs and ensure our software engineers are world-class.