Quality is our Prime Directive

Tempest House specializes in finding the best talent available, anywhere on the planet, and matching them to the perfect projects which let them shine.

We outwork and outthink the rest of the market to give our clients the very best experience for their projects and ensure that those projects are done right from start to finish.

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Software Engineering Done Right for Your Business

Embed our crafted team of elite experts within your internal team, or have us build your project start to finish, utilizing best practices and the best technology for the job.

Our team builds it right the first time so you see less bugs, and don’t need to go back to the drawing board in the future.

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Worldwide Software Experts for your Business

Our high level of expertise in hundreds of technologies will ensure quality outcomes for your business.

No matter if you need something simple or extremely complex we have people around the globe who will build exactly what you need.

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Experts in the Technologies of the Future

We are always striving to master the newest technologies and methodologies to be on the forefront of future tech. We have experts in all the latest frameworks and languages,  IoT connected apps, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and more.

With our tool chest of the newest tech will build well architected modern software for you no matter the challenge.

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Affordable Experts in All Things Software and Beyond

With experts available in 10+ countries, we provide the right people at the right price for your project.

No matter where you want the software built, and in what price range we will provide you the perfect fit for your needs and your budget.

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A Team 15+ Years in the Making

Make use of our cultivated team of highly skilled individuals, experts who have been honing their craft for an average of 10+ years, gathered over the past 15+ years.

Our seasoned experts won’t make the mistakes that lower quality teams are known for and will build your software the right way.

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More Than Just a Development House

Beyond development, Tempest House also provides experts in UI/UX, Graphic Design, Product Management, Project Management, QA, DevOps and Recruiting.

No matter the services you need related to software development, we have the perfect expert to help.

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Why work with us

At Tempest House, our mission is to help clients economically build high-quality websites and web and mobile applications, without allowing budget or geography to get in the way. We provide on-demand resources to fill out the needs of an existing team, as well as full development teams for end-to-end software project solutions.

Our agency is known for offering cost-efficient solutions to clients, combined with the best technological practices dispensed by some of the most experienced developers from around the world.

With Tempest House, you are always in good hands!

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Balance Budgets, Timelines and Quality with Ease

Hire whole teams or a singular resource

No pressure to commit or lock-in agreements

Round-the-clock resource availability from the US and beyond

Free consultancy and freemium access to our tools

Cost-effective resource allocation

Detailed time-tracking and transparent account of productivity

On-site local support available for Southern California

Network with fluent English-speaking experts

Full Spectrum Product Development and IT Services

IT Staffing

Looking for resourcefully skilled IT professionals on a temporary, permanent or contractual basis? End your search with our network of IT professionals for various roles and services. Hire as per your flexibility and productivity requirements.

WEB, Mobile & Desktop APPS

Swift, scalable and bug-free development for mobile (iOS & Android), web apps and desktop in Javascript, CSS, and HTML, LESS/SASS, frameworks such as React JS, React Native, Angular, Ionic, Flutter, Proton and more. We also offer games development in Unity 2D/3D, Unreal Engine, etc.


Our in-house backend engineers are adept at custom solutions for data-intensive backend applications. We develop and support backend engineering in several frameworks, for technologies such as NodeJS, Java, Python, Ruby, and PHP and more.


We are known for scalable DevOps services that follow the best coding practices and most reliable frameworks such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Private Cloud and more, with support for every phase.

websites & CMS

We build and manage websites using all the best CMS platforms, as well as offering raw HTML and CSS website development. We leverage Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Webflow and more.

UI/UX & Graphic DESIGN

Our experiential, in-house UI/UX design team can translate your requirements into reality and boost your app’s user satisfaction using the attested technologies like Origami Studio, InVision, Adobe Experience Design, and more.


Our masterful IOT product development and solution generation services make use of popular technologies like Tessel, Eclipse IOT, Raspberry PI and Arduino to build state-of-the-art applications for business and personal use.

Machine Learning

Embed our machine learning solutions to give your intelligent products a competitive edge. We use Python, Tensor Flow, and Neural Networks for Neural Net algorithms, Supervised, Semi-Supervised, Unsupervised Learning services and more.


Write bug-free code that is well documented and tested with our manual and automated QA services using the likes of Selenium, CypressRainforestQA and more. Save time on tedious tasks and let us handle QA so you can focus on core product.


Give your e-Commerce venture the catalyst it needs for a profitable market debut. We produce high-converting e-Com products and solutions with our experience in Webflow, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and other popular frameworks.


A unique identity gives a competitive advantage to your brand and products. Our Branding Design experts channel your business ethic, portfolio, and goals through Unique color, Typography, Logo design, Iconography, et al.

Product Management

We deliver skilled application architecture and management services including planning, development, maintenance, deployment, and support. We meticulously fine-tune your product functionalities and deliver strictly within timescales.

Cyber security

Your applications are safe with our robust SSL and TLS security implementation services against modern-day intrusions. Our penetration testing and vulnerability fixing expertise fortify applications against a plethora of threats.

Business Intelligence

Subscribe to our Business Intelligence services; fathom new insights into your business data; let it reflect in your decision-making and brand growth. Our Business Intelligence Experts use Tableau, Domo, Looker and more, to mine your data.

Product Design

Our design team offers product-specific design services tailored to profitably market your offerings. Let our modern design principles and practices sculpt the best design for your product using Figma, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.

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