Building a Great Work Culture

work culture at tempest house

At Tempest House, we strive to make sure our team members can work together seamlessly at every turn. Here are some of the things in which we pride ourselves in our work culture:

  1. Communication is Key: It is quintessential that our team members communicate clearly and regularly with each other. Time spent waiting for a reply can be time lost when working on a project.
  2. Professionalism, Respectfulness, and Gratitude: We ask our team members to always be professional and respectful with each other, and we also like to cultivate gratitude on our team. When team members appreciate each other’s efforts, it helps to build stronger bonds and rewards all of us for our hard work.
  3. Cooperation, not Competition: Our team members should always remember to work together, and help each other over the finish line instead of racing each other or trying to prove something by going alone.
  4. Cultivate Growth in Yourself and Others: Our team members should always be striving to get better at what they do, but also sharing information and support together so the whole team can grow at the same time.
  5. Be Excellent to Each Other: This one speaks for itself.