CEO Will shares insights on leadership over a popular podcast

Tempest House’s very own Founder and CEO, Mr. Will Ferrer shares highly pertinent insights learned over a professional life spanning 2 decades, in this interview with Todd Westra, host of the highly popular Leadership in Business Podcast. The podcast features successful entrepreneurs and business owners whilst exploring their leadership and business growth philosophies in a short 10 minute format.

Keeping it authentic and real, Will shared the joys of being an entrepreneur and leader and what makes him tick everyday. He also have poignant insights into thinking about team building and client development and how to choose the right clients to grow alongside with. The audience got a glimpse into Will’s background leading up to him starting Tempest House and how’s never looked back since, turning the company into one of the premier software development houses in the world.

A short, fun watch that will help you get inside the mind of a highly successful leader and distill wisdom that can be applied into your own endeavors.