7 Up and Coming Startups in Southern California

successful startups in southern california

I attended the 805 Start-Ups Growth and Innovation Fair on December 12th and wanted to share my conversations with the exhibitors with the community. 805 Start-Up (https://www.805startups.com/) throws fantastic local events for entrepreneurs where you can learn everything you need to know about opening/running a business and how to get funding for it. I recommend them to anyone who has an interest in Southern California’s startup community.

The exhibitors they had were all great folks with a lot of passion for their Start-Ups. Here is a quick rundown of some of the really interesting folks I got to chat with and the amazing things they're working on.

  1. Adam at AFA Hub

I had a fantastic conversation with Adam, ranging on everything from education to shared familial Hollywood backgrounds. AFA Hub helps teach children on the autistic spectrum how to do things like code, make videos, 3D animations and more. I love what this organization is doing and I am arranging to speak for the kids in their class.

  1. Teddy of Mesingers

Teddy is a regular at 805 Start-Up Events, and a great person to chat with about wine. His dream is to open a winery in the LA area. Most importantly his wine is fantastic! My wife and I highly recommend his signature Pino variety.

  1. Jake from Rise Up For You

This is a really fantastic organization that helps people learn how to become leaders and also get better as leaders once they have ascended to management positions. Jake, the Mentor I talked to, had a really great positive energy which I am sure he brings to his work with the students.

  1. Start Engine

If you are trying to create a start-up in Southern California I can’t recommend Start Engine enough. They have great events and have a wealth of knowledge and connections to help start-ups get going.

  1. Sonya from Mowie Media

Mowie Media is a very talented and professional UI/UX firm. I was very impressed with Sonya's knowledge and passion for her work, and I intend to add Mowie Media to our partner network to further expand the number of UI/UX professionals we can offer our clients in Southern California.

  1. Merito Foundation

While we are all inside growing our business, Merito educators are outside working on saving the world by teaching kids how to be better shepherds to the environment, and it seems the kids are having a great time doing it. If you have or know a kid who is interested in helping out the environment, I highly recommend they check out this great foundation. 

  1. Professor Stream

Professor Stream found a way to play with and build toys for a living that help kids learn about science and technology. He has a lot of very fun stuff he has built and designed for kids, and if you are looking for a fun education gift for a young one, you should check out his website.