Our newest product - TheSafeScratcher Wristband gets featured in IoTerra

In the wake of COVID 19, many companies have felt the need to be more socially responsible and do something for those affected deeply by the Pandemic. At Tempest House, we have always cared deeply about our work culture, our employees and our local communities.

So… we set out on an initiative to create something special. After months of labor and painstaking coordination, The SafeScratcher Wristband was finally born. The wristband is lightweight, sleek and features a special notch that helps consumers scratch that itch on their face without directly touching the face with their hands.

We are delighted to see IoTerra covering our product in their official network and being featured alongside other prestigious companies developing PPE Kits, Labs and other important resources in the joint fight against COVID. To read more about all the fantastic initiatives and wonderful new innovations, go here