Hands Free Face Scratcher Bracelet - Reduce Face Touching

The new Tempest Health Division of Tempest House is working on innovations to help with people’s health and wellness needs. 

Throughout the day we touch dozens of surfaces, many of which are contaminated with thousands of germs. We also unknowingly touch our faces several times a day. 

Medical Professionals recommend reducing the number of times you touch your face, and to that end, we have made a simple bracelet to help people stop touching their faces. This simple yet effective bracelet features a notch that allows you to scratch that itch without directly touching your face with your hands. 

The bracelet also can be used as a convenient way to adjust your face mask without touching it with your fingers.

Light-weight, strong, and easy to clean, these are a great option if you're trying to take preventive measures for your health. The bracelet comes in different sizes and can also be used as an accessory to add some additional aesthetic appeal to your look.

Please note this device does not completely stop the spread of germs and is not a medical device. It is meant to be used as a tool to help you touch your face less with your hands.

Please clean thoroughly with soap and warm water before and after use, or as frequently as required.

If you believe your bracelet has been exposed to germs for any reason, do not use the bracelet again until it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

If bracelet does not snugly fit your wrist or is uncomfortably tight, you may need a different size bracelet, which we can exchange for you. If you have difficulty using the bracelet for any reason which may lead to you accidentally touching your face do not use bracelet until your issues are resolved.

Please contact us with any issues you may have with the bracelet, and we will work to resolve them.

We need help getting this invention to as many people as possible, so please reach out to us if you would like to assist with that in any way.

Ages 18 and up.

Patent Pending.

You can learn more about our bracelets here