Who We Are


Tempest House is a one-stop dev shop located in Santa Barbara, CA, with a distributed team around the world. We are passionate about the web and are obsessed with all of its core technologies.

After working in academia for most of the 90s, the Founder, William Tempest Wright Ferrer, moved to the private sector and worked his way up to a high-level executive position, at several companies: MojoGamer, Run the Business LLC, Switchsoft, Victorious Gaming, xFire, GGN, SweetSpot Motion.

In each company, William identified and cultivated the best team members and, as the companies wrapped up, he migrated those team members to the next company, growing the team size and skill set with each new project.

In late 2018, the team had so many talented individuals William then decided to bring the company’s skill set to a wider range of clients.

Since then, the company has grown rapidly. The team is based predominantly in California and the Philippines, with additional resources throughout the US, the UK, and South America.

The company is very proud of its diverse range of skills, with team members gathered from around the world.

The company has also taken on several strong partner companies, allowing it to scale up with more resources quickly and affordably, setting the environment to tackle a wider range of projects.

The primary focus of Tempest House is to provide high-quality websites as well as Web and Mobile applications, either as the lead development team or to provide resources to fill out the needs of an existing team.

We use the latest frontend technologies, from Angular to React to Vue, coupled with popular backend technologies to build beautiful, high-quality applications, FAST.

Moreover, the company’s specialties are the following:

Our primary mission is to help clients accomplish their dreams and goals by utilizing the substantial abilities of its diverse and immensely talented team of professionals.

The company loves to learn about clients’ goals and ambitions, and then help them get to where they want to go as quickly and pleasantly as possible.

Tempest House takes pride in the quality of its work and its dedication to make the clients’ experience as positive as possible.